(Trying To) Understand Sacrum Pain

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  • China Adams
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Dull aching or sharp pain at the base of the spine or on either sides of the base of the spine typically defines sacrum pain.  The pain may also extend down into the butt or curve around to the hips.

Many muscles attach to the sacrum, which makes it particularly susceptible to strain and discomfort.  However, because so may muscles do attach to the sacrum understanding the source of the pain can be tricky.

“Some of the muscles that attach to the sacrum, and can cause pressure in that area are the gluteus maximus, otherwise known as your 'cheek muscle', the deep lateral rotators are several muscles UNDER the glutes, plus hamstrings, hip flexors and pelvic floor muscles. If you've had diagnostic images (X-rays, MRI, etc) taken of this area, without any evidence of the cause of your pain, it is VERY possible that some of these muscles are causing it.” (GTS Theraputics @ http://www.fortcollins-massage.com/sacrum-pain.html)

While sacral pain may arise as the result of a specific injury, chronic postural strain or a muscular issue most commonly causes it.

There is also a strong correlation between sacral and lower back pain and emotional issues.  Though ideas very, one consistent theme is the idea that sacral pain represents a literal manifestation of emotional pain and fear that develops around taking on more than we can emotionally handle with respect to relationships and work.


“The Lower Back represents support; financial support, emotional support of family and friends, and support of God or the Universe. The Kidneys are located in this area and Kidney dysfunction results in Fear/Fright/Phobias. A sore lower back may indicate that we have taken on more than we think we can handle. This is a dysfunction, only if it is not the Truth. If we have indeed taken on too much, that would be indicated by a physical trauma to the back and all we need to do is lighten the load.”  (Compassionate Dragon Healing @ http://www.compassionatedragon.com/metaphysics2.html)


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