Thank you so much for stopping by to learn more about Lulu Bandha's Yoga School.
We are not presently accepting any new applicants.
We are currently reinventing the organization of our school, and look forward to reopening enrollement in 2016 under the new name of Lulu Bandha's Finishing School.
Of course, the learning is never finished. We just think the name is funny, and cosmicly appropriate as we are interested in the subtle refined skills necssary for sincere study of yoga.
Meanwhile, we welcome and encourage your participation in the workshops we have this year and will gladly consider credit towards your pursuit of certification next year.

Meet the Teachers of Lulu Bandha's

All the current teachers at Lulu Bandha's are participating in or have completed Lulu Bandha's Yoga School Program. Many have also studied elsewhere allowing for a diverse mix of approaches within a shared understanding of aligning from within. Meet Us.

Global Community of Yogi Friends

We have a desire to be connected with yogis around the planet. We believe that the skills resulting in sincere practice and study of these teachings render us more prepared and willing and able to be of proper use in whatever endeavor we find ourselves called towards.
Mount Pleasant, SC
Corvalis, Oregon
Ojai, Calif.
Yokohama, Japan

About Ojai

Lulu Bandha's is located in the heart of downtown Ojai in the magnificent Ojai Valley. Ojai has long been understood as a place to connect to the Divine within. Overflowing with spirtual centers, nestled in the arms ofthe Los Padres National Forest and full of some of the nicest people you'll ever meet, Ojai will become your yoga home.

Where to Stay

We have school peeps come in from all over. There are many hotels, rooms in homes, and campsites.

2015 School Courses

Our workshops are an amazing opportunity to deepen your yoga studies and are open to all interested. Those of you currently enrolled in the school, we look forward to being together again and completing your certification.